jeudi 28 octobre 2010

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Tequila Sunrise!

Real food... first time for 1 month. Awesome! French restaurant

Saucisson, fromage, moutarde de dijon, un petit pinot noir, coq au vin. Un petit reour au racine qui fait du bien...

My next school!

If you haven't watched the Social Network, go ahead. It was not shooted in Harvard but it really looks like its, though.
 We found some Harvard students who organise a tour in Harvard school  every day for free. It was awesome, he told us a lot of funny stories, he showed us the building where some famous person were living during their stay in Harvard

 VE - RI - TAS
 MIT is also very nice, but to be honest the Ivy league is more attractive and the MIT museum was closed.

Freedom Trail, If you like culture, and history , Freedom trail is for you

You start at Park street, and stroll around all the old and historic building in Downtown. House of state, the first school, the first library, quincy market.... Not really fun but, anyway it was really interesting. Un petit air de Benjamin Franklin, non?

Galby... My favorite Korean food

If you come to EF Boston, you must go to Korean Garden. Inexpensive, extensive dishes, and amazing taste!
You order only one dishe and they bring you 10 different dishes for FREE. For 13$ you get more food than you're able to eat. Don't forget to try Sodju (kind of Korean Saké).

Ice skating in Cambridge

Lot of fun!
Go backward is so tough with this freaking ice skates but after one hour, I managed it.
An old guy was playing Piano, Mozart and stuff like this. A girl bumped into me and fell down and banged her head on the ice. Thanks to Mc donald after a mac fleury, everything was doing well.